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Mast Chocolate Bars


Simple, delicious, organic ingredients. Ethically sourced. This chocolate is certified organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten free.

Less sugar, minimal processing and eco-friendly packaging. It’s what Mast looks for and I’m sure yours does too. Mast takes inspiration from today’s family pantry and does thier best to help you and your family make time stand still. | 2.5 oz

Organic Oat Milk Chocolate 50% Cacao | Satisfyingly indulgent in all the right ways, this super creamy, flavor forward, never too sweet, vegan friendly “milk” chocolate. Notes of caramel, strawberries, and cream. Made with simple, clean ingredients and made to please while celebrating the complexities of organic cacao. 

Organic Dark Chocolate with Almond and Sea Salt |  Mast heard you loud and clear and are thrilled to bring back this beloved recipe. Organic almonds from California are roasted, chopped, sprinkled with sea salt, and enrobed in our signature dark chocolate. Equal parts crunchy and smooth, chocolatey and nutty. 

Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt | A customer favorite for over 15 years. The sea salt crystals against the smooth chocolate is a study in textural luxury. This mineral rich sea salt is hand harvested off the coast of Maine, amplifying the sweet complexity of our 70% dark chocolate while shining a light on the fruit forward nature of organic Tanzanian cacao. 

Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao | Rich and timeless, rousing memories of a decadent ganache or a dark chocolate fudge brownie. At a smooth 70% it is a touch sweeter than the 80%. This nuanced difference creates an entirely different experience, elegantly rounding the edges of this fruit forward dark chocolate. An instant classic, everyday driver. 

Organic Oat Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs | A modern classic that brings the crunch and pop of flavor from roasted cocoa nibs and immerses them in this silky smooth, oat milk chocolate. A fresh take on the classic, crunch bar style. A perfect mid-afternoon pick me up. 

FlavorOrganic Oat Milk Chocolate 50% Cacao


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