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Are they real?!

Yes! We have a selection of blooms that are dried/preserved and a fresh selection, but all of our florals are indeed REAL.

Why are flowers so expensive?!

Flowers go through quite a journey before they end up on your table! We source our flowers globally. They are often shipped long distances and their delicacy requires intentional care. This careful handling process, long distance sourcing, basic economic factors, and our artistic and one-of-a-kind building techniques all contribute to increased pricing of florals.

What’s the difference between a wrapped bouquet and an arrangement?

Bouquets are flower arrangements without vases! Our bouquets are stems of carefully arranged florals that are wrapped in twine and then beautifully packaged in tissue and paper for a safe transport. They do not come with a vase. Arrangements are florals arranged inside of a vase.

How come my flowers looked a little different than photographed?

Our customer promise is to always deliver fresh and unique blooms for each and every order. To meet our quality standards (and because we are at the mercy of Mother Nature) this may mean we need to substitute a flower and/or color in your order to respond to those unpredictable moments.

What is the best way to take care of my florals?

We recommend cold, fresh water changes and cool temperatures indoors. Trimming stems at an angle each day can also increase the life of your flowers!

What flowers will be harmful to my pets?

For liability reasons we are unable to speak to what stems might be harmful for your pets. We recommend speaking with your vet or doing a quick google search. We are happy to leave out any blooms you tell us to exclude!

Will you teach me?!

We’d love to! Join us for a workshop where we teach you the magic of floral arranging! We provide flowers + supplies + a vessel for you to take home and we cover the basics of floral arranging 101.. We can't wait to see you there! Keep an eye on workshop dates here.

I have no floral experience. Could I still apply to work at JJ’s?

Floral experience is not a necessary pre-requisite to working at JJ’s. We’d love to chat with you! Check out our Jobs page for our application and more details!

Orders & Delivery

How does this work?

We offer both an online and in-person experience at JJ’s Flower Shop. Stop by either of our shops to build your own bouquet with our fresh or dried, a la carte stems. Our floral assistants are happy to help you build something one-of-a-kind. Don’t feel like it? We can make you something right then and there as well! We will package your florals for you to take home and send you off with floral food.

Our website features our floral collection where you can place an order for pick up or delivery. You can also grab anything from our collection as a walk-up customer if you’re visiting us in person! 

How does pricing work?

All of our blooms are priced a la carte, so you can make a bouquet for any occasion or budget. The average price of our blooms are $5 per stem but it can range drastically between live and dried blooms, and specialty blooms tend to have their own price as well. We have signage in shop but our floral assistants are always happy to assist with pricing.

Do you deliver? How far?

Yes! We use a third-party service to deliver within a 20 mile radius of our shop.

Can I order flowers and have them delivered same day?

We offer same-day pick up and local delivery for orders placed by 2pm. *Please note that some of our luxe arrangements require a 48 hour lead time.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Because want to make sure that we get every detail of your order correct, we do not accept orders over the phone. Visit our website to place an order or we can e-mail you an order form upon request!

Can I buy flowers for myself?

You deserve flowers EVERYDAY. And also…Miley said so.

Can I bring in my own vase?

Yes. This is so fun! We have a variety of vases available for purchase but sometimes we have customers with a particular vessel in mind. You’re welcome to B.Y.O.V. (bring your own vase) and a floral assistant can build something for you or you are welcome to partake in our build your own experience and build your arrangement directly into your own vase.

How will I know if my flowers were delivered?

You will receive an e-mail notifying you when your florals have been delivered. If you need something more specific than that please indicate your needs in the “special requests” box upon placing your order.

I’ve already placed my order but need to make a change, what can I do?!

Need to make an update to an address, card,etc.? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call or email us directly and we will be able to accommodate most changes for you.

Custom Orders & Events

Do you do events?

Yes. Our in-house florists would love to bring your vision to life. We have created everything from film set florals, to 75th birthday bouquets; from proposal florals, to corporate conference table centerpieces. Let us partner with you to create some floral magic and inspire your guests!

Do you do flowers for film?

Yes! We love partnering with set decorators and assistants to create the perfect florals for the scene. We've also created custom gift arrangements to welcome talent on set or for wrap parties.

What if I want something completely custom?

Don’t see anything from our floral collection that could be customized to suit your needs? No problem! We would love to chat with you about a custom order! Please fill out our custom order inquiry form online. Someone will be in touch to follow up with you about your custom order soon. Please note, our custom order minimum is $300.

Do you offer casket sprays or do funeral arrangements?

Unfortunately, we do not offer casket saddles or sprays. However, many of the offerings in our collection can be customized for sympathy by requesting a color palette change in the special requests box upon placing your order.

à la carte Wedding florals

How do I do this? Where do I order?

Shop our a la carte wedding florals here. You can browse by your vibe: full of color or neutral minimalist. Each collection has a range of bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Pick and choose, it's up to you! Add to your cart and check out to complete your order.

When should I order for my wedding?

We require a minimum 48 hr notice for most of our wedding florals, but booking 2-8 weeks in advance is ideal.

If you're panicking and getting married tomorrow- give us a call and we'll see what we can do!

Can I see pictures?

The photos shown in our wedding collection are the best reference for how your flowers will look, and show our general style and typical flower types. Every bouquet or arrangement is made to order, and subject to seasonal availability.

Trust us to select the best, freshest blooms for you and we promise it'll be gorgeous!

Can I pick my own ribbon?

Yes! We stock several ribbon color options including coral, pale pink, ivory, light blue, lavender, and red. If you'd like to use your own ribbon, just let us know via email at and drop it off at our store before your date.

When should I pick up my flowers?

We recommend receiving or picking up your florals the day before or the day of your wedding. This will ensure they're at their peak bloom and freshness!

I’ve already placed my order but need to make a change, or cancel. What do I do?!

 If you need to change or cancel your order, we require three weeks notice. If you’re just ordering one or two things - a change might be possible and require less notice.

Please reach out to with questions. All florals from our bridal collection are final sale and we do not offer refunds.

How should I store my flowers overnight?
  • Glad you asked! Immediately following pickup or delivery, your flowers will need a little TLC.
  • For bouquets, place in a vase with 3-4" of cool water making sure that the ribbon sits above the water line.
  • For arrangements in a vessel, please refill the water as some may have spilled during transit, and they'll need water to stay hydrated.
  • Keep your blooms happy by setting them out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry space (no humid bathrooms please!).
  • Boutonnieres and corsages will be happiest in the fridge-but make sure the temp is set to 38-45 degrees. If it's cooler the florals may be damaged!
Do you offer payment plans?

We require full payment for all wedding florals at the time of purchase. However, if your order is over $2,000, and you would like to break up payment into 2-3 parts, please email us at

Do you offer customization?

If we can accommodate your requests with florals we typically stock each week, customization is likely possible. This includes requests like “Please don’t include any yellow!”, “Let’s do monochrome peaches and corals!”, “Please don’t include any delphinium.” or “May I have cream colored ribbon?”

We aren’t able to special order custom blooms for our smaller à la carte wedding orders, but we can guarantee a stunning floral palette with the best and freshest blooms! Knowing what’s in season and what florals compliment each other best (within your selected palette, of course!) is our specialty as the floral experts. We can’t wait to design for you!

If you’d like to go a fully custom route, our minimum spend is $2,000, with the price of each bouquet or arrangement increasing for custom requests. 

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