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Dramabomb Rose Arrangement


Our Dramabomb is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Available in two different sizes, our favorite all-rose arrangement is built in a gorgeous, spiral vase. The perfect florals to get that special someone's attention. 

Vase size | Small | 5.75 in. x 8 in. 

Vase size | Large | 6.75 in. x 12 in. 

Care tips | For vase arrangements, fill the vase with cool water, replacing any water that may have spilled in transit from our shop. Flowers' longevity highly depends on care. Change water daily, avoid direct sunlight or heat and remove any wilting stems as they age.

Our promise | To deliver fresh and unique blooms in each and every delivery. In order to meet our quality standards (and because we are at the mercy of Mother Nature) this may mean we need to substitute a flower and/or color in your order. While we cannot guarantee the exact color or what the exact flower combinations will be, we do guarantee that you or your recipient will love this fresh, colorful, and beautiful piece!



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